What our
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Our customers form the back bone of our business. We strive to deliver spectacular service and when we receive feedback like this we celebrate knowing that we’ve maintained our promise! Thank you for your feedback!

Prompt and efficient service. Keep up the good work, I would recommend you.

— Thanks Sue! —

Our complex sent a WhatsApp alert at 01:54 this morning. A reply was received from SB Security at 01:54 (HOW MUCH QUICKER CAN YOU BE).

Within 10 mins they were on site and able to see the suspects!


Thanks once again for the fantastic services in sorting out my gate motor after the old one died. Can’t fault the expertise of your technical staff

— Jimi Smith —

Hi Shawn and SB team

I just want to commend the operator (Richard) who took my wife’s call earlier, we reside at xxx Sundowner and had tree fellers on site today. There was a freak accident which saw one tree collapse and one guy falling about 5 to 6 meters with the tree to the ground and, what appeared to be quite severely injured.

In panic our first thought was to call SB for assistance with paramedic or ambulance.

Richard who took the call swiftly took details of the injured man and facilitated a state ambulance who arrived within 15 to 20 minutes of the initial call.

The paramedics attended to the injured gent and all well under the circumstances.

I really want to thank SB, and in specific the operator Richard who took the call for assistance today with organising the medical assistance.

Awesome to know we have support like this at our finger tips.

— Reon —

The residence at ****** wish to thank you for your response to our emergency last night.
Your control room actioned your SB team, ambulance and police, all arriving extremely quickly.

As usual service is outstanding! Electricity just tripped and before I could even get to box to flick it back on SB control room had called to inform me of a power failure.

Thanks SB for your incredible service.

Hi Shawn.
Just wanted to say thank you SB. I had to rush to hospital a 3 this morning and was scared to be driving just my daughter and I so I called the control room and asked if anyone could just be at the gate as i went as i was scared. Your guy escorted me all the way to the hospital.

Thank you so much for the speedy service received today.
The team came out to the office and check the door.
All seems to be working now.

Hi Shawn.
I must compliment you on your guard and response vehicle that came to our complex at approx. 3 am this morning.
They were awesome.

.G/morning Shawn, Just to say thank you for your care and super service towards your clients. Being attentive to their needs and respond the way you do with your team is admirable. May you and your company keep growing and you and your family be blessed.
Warm thoughts

— Nolda —

I would like to commend Wesley and his team on the excellent service received, very professional and efficient thank you.

— Donna, Sundowner —

Best reaction time I have ever had from a security company. SB Never disappoint.

I feel 100% confident in SB to protect our home and family

— Laura Sole —

“Wesley is awesome”

— Duncan, Boskruin —

Hi Shawn
I just had to let you know that the service received has been exceptional. Firstly it is so quick. And everyone that I have dealt with has been so pleasant so competent, and so Engaged! They are obviously happy and this says so much.

I was nervous to change my security company as my daughter and I live on the greenbelt, and I had built up trust in our security company over the years, but I am feeling so comfortable and that I am in really good hands.

And thank you for taking us on a month early at no cost. This is such an unusual experience I am I am A little lost for words!

Hi Shawn.
Thank you, once again, for the incredible service from your team. Chris form the control room phoned to tell me that the ****** gate alarm had activated and that one of your guards had called on the complex and walked around inside. I went to check on the gate only to find that Gift was sitting in his vehicle, inside the complex, in order to check that nobody entered and waiting for someone to bring a remote to see if the gate would operate. Fortunately it worked with my remote and everything is back to normal.
Thank you again Shawn.

— Regards Dave —

I just want to say huge thank you for pushing to get my garage motor done asap, I really appreciate it! Your team arrived, did the work, explained everything to me, the whole team was awesome, friendly and job super well done!
I have really enjoyed being on SB customer and service levels have always been absolutely amazing!
Thank you thank you Thank you!!

Dear Shawn
I must compliment you on your exceptional team, from the reaction guys, who are always visible, willing, available and have our backs, to the competent technical team and finally yourself, who is thoroughly involved in every aspect and honorable!!
It is an absolute pleasure doing business with you and your team.

Just want to give you a huge thumbs up. Vicky gave me a call yesterday to confirm that I had tested alarm signal. Only got around to it today – via the WhatsApp option to control. Super impressed at the efficiency of the control room and the systems.

— Lauren —

Nobody can take risks with their families these days. As a family, we were victims of crime many times and know how traumatic it is. There really isn’t any amount of money I’d pay to ensure my family is safe.

Knowing what I know now, I would not take chances with any other security company. The owners take a personal interest in providing the BEST protection available and within your budget. If your family’s security are important to you, I recommend you make this your first call.

— Chanti Niven —

Your guys just left.`
Thank you for such professional guys doing their work.

— Natasha! —

Serious Champions!
They always ready and willing to help and really do go above and beyond

Quickest response I’ve ever had both calling and response
Outstanding service from SB Security. Thank you

— Dawn —

Good Evening
Just want to thank you your employee Gift for staying with my pregnant daughter with her car this evening and waiting for her husband to arrive. Gift you even helped sort the car out but kept them safe. I cannot thank you enough.

Please let Gift know that we appreciate everything. Gift, you are so kind and what an asset you are to SB Security. It is great to know there are caring people out there. Thank you again

— Nikola —

Thank you again for such excellent service Shawn!!
Sorting out our siren today! Your staff were also BRILLIANT last night early hours of this morning checking after our fence alarm went off and clearly someone tried their luck! They did such a thorough check all around!
Take care and be safe.

— Fien, Boskruin —

Just a note to say thank you for caring. Our outside gate light as well as our neighbors were stolen yesterday.

Our alarm did not go off yesterday afternoon when we were out, but not sure if the two were related.

I called your office just to keep them informed and spoke to Beverly.

Without asking she sent a vehicle to come and check and I noticed that the vehicle sat in our driveway on and off during the night.

Thank you for the personal and caring service definitely one of the best!

— Michelle —

Hi Guys
Thank you very much for helping us out. Your staff was very friendly, helpful and cleaned up afterwards!

Dear Shawn

Unfortunately I have to give 30 days’ notice to terminate our contract with you and the team. We are moving out of the province at the end of August. I will try and arrange to have the new owners take your service on.

On a side, it’s been a privilege to work with your company. Your service and customer empathy is outstanding and i can only hope that i find business where I am moving to that can conduct like yourself and your team.

Hi there.
Justice and his assistant were here earlier. Just to thank you for their professional service and (mainly) for them being on time!
Most impressed.

Just need to tell you that all our systems are behaving impeccably thanks to you and your team. Kudos to Wesley, such a polite and gentlemanly behaviour and a good technical guy to have on your team. Cheers for now.

— Lucas, Northwold —

Hi Shawn Just wanted to say a quick thanks! I called your office on Saturday to ask for a jump start on my car as sods law would have it the battery went flat! Your response officer arrived within two minutes to assist and we sorted the problem out in less than five minutes. I am now the proud owner of a new car battery! 

— Thanks so much Regards, Brian —

Hi there Shawn, thank you ever so much for all the trouble you guys went to, it really is appreciated. You definitely have a winner in Wesley. What an asset he must be To SB. Sorry Shawn, i really was not aware that you guys also do gate automation and repairs. Anyway chat on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend and you and your family stay safe.

— Renier Sundowner —

Hi Shawn.
I just want to pass you a compliment. A lovely young man Wesley came late yesterday afternoon to repair our broken fence wires. Awesome guy.
Thank you kindly.

— Joey, Randpark Ridge —

I just want to say thank to Shawn we had an armed robbery on Tuesday. We were not even part of SB Security and he was the first to assist! Thank you for being a good person the lord Bless you and keep you!

— Tyronne —

I just want to say thank to Shawn we had an armed robbery on Tuesday. We were not even part of SB Security and he was the first to assist! Thank you for being a good person the lord Bless you and keep you!

— Tyronne —

I would like to acknowledge Emmanuel a member of your response team.
I asked him to join myself and another *** resident yesterday afternoon while we walked the perimeter fence looking for the reason as to why our electric fence keeps going off.
He was most helpful and pleasant. When praised, he commented “It’s my job” that is a great employee. Many thanks Emmanuel and SB team.

— Bridget —


I would like to again extend my deepest gratitude to SB Security for responding to my request for help after I’d heard a serious car accident 🚙 take place somewhere just outside our complex.

SB Security responded immediately! 🌟 They located the accident scene, on Dale Lace just after TWE as the road bends towards Scott Ave – along Fairthorn Estate.

I scurried to meet them to try help with a few survivor items for the occupants of the vehicle until the Ambulance arrived.

SB Security not only attended to my call, they assisted and stayed with the occupants of the vehicle from then – around 1:45am right through to when the Ambulance came/transported the occupants to hopsital, also until the flatbed towed the car away, until after all the tow trucks left … until there was only a 4 of us left – which was at about 4am.

But even then, Wiseman grabbed a broom and took it upon himself to sweep the street and clear it of all the debri …. for us, for the community to be safe. He also washed the road from fluids to protect the community from seeing what they wouldn’t want to see and from potential health risks.

Soooo, THANK YOU AGAIN SB Security, for going above and beyond for your community!! 👏 We are very lucky to have you! Extra special thanks to Ephriam, Wiseman, Reggie and the Control Room Operator/s. Your fast response and call to emergency services helped save the lives of the vehicle occupants as well as prevented other accidents – thank you for parking your cars with flashing lights to block the road and warn motorists of the scene.

Thank you🎖

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